AC/DC FAQ – All That’s Left to Know About the

World’s True Rock ‘N’ Roll Band

AC/DC FAQ spans AC/DCs 40-year career, starting from the bands inception in 1973. This book covers everything from their early days in Australia to their first tour of England and the United States. It also includes personal experiences, stories, conversations, and interviews by author Susan Masino, who has known the band since 1977. Featuring 37 chapters, AC/DC FAQ chronicles the personal history of each of the band members, all their albums, tours, and various anecdotes. Rebounding from the tragic loss of their singer Bon Scott in 1980, AC/DC hired Brian Johnson and went on to record Back in Black, which is now one of the top five biggest-selling albums in music history. Taking a seven-year break after their album Stiff Upper Lip, the band came back in the fall of 2008 with a new album, Black Ice, and a tour that ran from 2008 through the summer of 2010. Once again breaking records, AC/DC saw the Black Ice Tour become the second-highest-grossing tour in history. True rockers from the very beginning, AC/DC will continue to be heralded as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.

”AC/DC FAQ is a must-read for the band’s fans. Thirty-seven chapters cover everything from the death of original lead vocalist Bon Scott to the significance of the number 17 in the band’s evolution – and Madison is featured often.” –Isthmus

”Even at over 330 pages, I found AC/DC FAQ to be a quick read, fascinating and engrossing. Literally every page included gems of fun and intriguing information about the band that even a longtime fan like myself was completely unaware of. Masino interjected her own personality and ‘insiders’ perspective to the book to keep the story fresh, interesting, and somewhat personal, which keeps the read from being dry or formulaic. Included are ample photos of rare memorabilia and live shots to enjoy.” –Maximum Ink Music magazine

”This really is a complete and in-depth AC/DC read that covers the band’s entire legacy and really captures the essence of one of the most successful rock bands ever.” –LoDown Magazine

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The Secrets of the Universe – Universal Laws, Past Lives, Ghost Adventures, and More

The Secrets of The Universe- Universal Laws, Past Lives, Ghost Adventures and More is the fifth book from Susan Masino, author of The Story of AC/DC-Let There Be Rock, now in 11 languages and Family Tradition- Three Generations of Hank Williams. In her new book, Masino explores her lifelong passion of the Universe and how it works.

The Secrets of the Universe investigates synchronicity, positive manifestation, healing with light, numerology, past lives and ghost adventures. Masino has given public speeches on synchronicity for the Unexplained Research team conferences based in Wisconsin. She has also studied numerology, and participated in ghost hunts in numerous locations including a brothel in Deadwood, South Dakota, Gettysburg and the famed Bobby Mackey’s bar in Wilder, KY.

The 2018 edition includes more ghost stories, the unexplained, and the birth numbers of Angus and Malcolm Young and Bon Scott of AC/DC. Read how their destiny to work together was written in the stars.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”-Nikola Tesla

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The Story Of AC/DC – Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock is the story of AC/DC written by rock journalist Susan Masino, who met the band during their first American tour in 1977. Over the years, she remained in contact with them, watching AC/DC climb to international stardom. Interviews include Malcolm and Angus Young, Perry Cooper, Keith Emerson, Kirk Dyer, Kelly Shaefer, “Pyro” Pete Cappadocia, Mike Andy and Rick Brewster.

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Family Tradition – Three Generations of Hank Williams

Covering three generations of Hank Williams, Family Tradition is both unique and vast in scope. Beginning in the present day with Hank III who gave the author unprecedented access and time-traveling across the years, this examines just what kind of rebel mojo inspired this crazed family of country music, from Hank Sr. often regarded as one of the most influential of American musicians to Hank Jr., to this year’s model, Hank III, who has somehow found a way to reconcile his legacy’s deep-rooted twang and high-lonesome sound with particularly searing strains of punk and heavy metal, launching an all-out war with traditional Nashville in the process.

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Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy

Backstage adventures with rock journalist, Susan Masino, who met, interviewed and partied with AC/DC, Van Halen, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick and many more. Forging a friendship with AC/DC over the past 30 years, Masino went on to write the biography, The Story of AC/DC-Let There Be Rock. She also appears in the Van Halen DVD, The Early Years, and the AC/DC movie, Let There Be Rock.

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Famous Wisconsin Musicians

From Liberace and Hildegarde to Al Jarreau and Clyde Stubblefield to Butch Vig and the Violent Femmes, Wisconsin has produced an impressive array of FAMOUS WISCONSIN MUSICIANS. Author Susan Masino has interviewed many of them and researched Internet sites and other books to profile 32 of them. The book also references hundreds more musicians with some connection to Wisconsin.

Les Paul, legendary guitarist and inventor of the electric guitar, has written the foreword about his early years in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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  1. Just heard you on Coast to Coast. Loved it. I live out here in Las Vegas and I didn’t catch the show until I got to work at midnight. How do I get a signed copy of your book AC/DC faq hardcover? Thanks again. I now have a new Author to seek out. I look forward to reading your books. AC/DC is one of my top 3 bands. Great memories with them. I am 45, so I have grown up with them. Thanks again. I enjoyed listening to the show.
    Tommy (Salami) Post

    1. Hi Tommy,
      You can buy a signed copy of my book for $25 including shipping. I can accept Paypal, where you will find me at Thank you so much for listening, and I am glad you enjoyed it. AC/DC is my all-time favorite band, and it has been an honor to be able to write about them. Cheers, Susan

  2. Hi Susan. How can I get a signed copy of your book Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy? Being a longtime ( 40+ years and counting) fan of some of the bands mentioned in the book, it would be cool to add a signed copy of it to my collection. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer regarding this matter. Cheers, Steve

    1. Hi Steve!
      Right now I don’t have any printed copies available, but I am working on submitting a PDF file for a Kindle edition. If I can figure out if I have the original files, I would love to get it back in print. Thanks so much for asking! Cheers, Susan

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