Big & Rich-They are comin’ to your city!



You haven’t lived until you have seen Big & Rich play the Vidalia Onion Festival in Vidalia, GA. This is what country rockin’ is all about. Appearing on stage in a grassy field, just off the runway of the Vidalia Regional airport, the locals are celebrating their 39th Vidalia Onion
Festival. Which means Johnny or Hank Jr. might have played there back in the day. This is some country music history mixed with a carnival, food vendors, Army recruiters and lots of families with fold-up chairs, blankets, and more beer than we thought to bring.

The tickets stated no carry-ins, and my friend Tom and I had VIP tickets. That ended up being better sanitary facilities, but not much more. The place to be was the sponsor’s tent which boasted tables and chairs, free food and drink stationed approximately 50 feet from the band. The lava cake and cheesecake were divine, but how I know this cannot be revealed at this time.

Music started at 4pm on Saturday, April 23 featuring Justin Dukes, BEAU +LUCI, Salazar and A Thousand Horses. Around 8:30 pm their DJ started warming up the crowd for a Big & Rich time. Backed by a stellar band, including a 19-year old pedal steel guitar player, Big Kenny and John Rich hit the stage and immediately launched into one of their biggest hits, “Comin’ To Your City,” and the party was officially started.WP_20160423_21_56_22_Pro

For a good ninety minutes the band never let up, playing “Save A Horse,” “Lost in You,” and “Wild West Show.” Under a warm starry Georgia night I can imagine you could hear the band echoing in the hollows across the onion fields. People opening their windows, just listening to “the freak parade,” which also featured Spiderman and Cowboy Troy who did some audacious rappin’ rock/country style.

I haven’t danced that much since I saw AC/DC last September in Chicago. So if you haven’t seen Big & Rich live, or heard their latest hit, “Lovin’ Lately,” with Tim McGraw, put on your boots and get on out there. They will be in Columbus, GA on July 23, and soon they will be comin’ to your city! So come along, come along!


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  1. LOVE HEARING ABOUT THIS!!!!! While it might not be a show that I would intentionally plan to see, after your review I definitely will get some Big n’ Rich if they come my way!! xo Lanea

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