George Noory Live: Return to Ashville

Return to Ashville, NC with George Noory, at the Diane Wortham Theatre was certainly a weekend to remember! Produced by Tom Danheiser and Lori Wagner, this event featured George Noory, Micah Hanks, Joshua P Warren, William Forstchen and Vincent Genna.

Listeners and fans drove in from as far away as Alaska, Illinois and Texas. Micah Hanks’ Band provided live music and accompanied George on several songs throughout the show. George not only has a witty stage banter, but he also sings! Quite well, I might add!

Micah Hanks,, Author/Podcaster/Researcher, was George’s first interview, and they gave us an update on UFO activity, documents from the government that supports the research of unidentified flying objects, and Micah’s latest passion in archaeology.


William Forstchen,, author of “The Final Day” and “One Year After” discussed solar attacks on the planet and our grid. It is puzzling that the government doesn’t seem to be worried about this, and there are ways to protect ourselves with the right preparations. His new book, 48 Hours, will be released in January 2019.

Ashville native and paranormal researcher, Joshua P Warren,, regaled us all with his latest discovery of a time anomaly in the desert of Las Vegas, and his eerie encounter with Robert the Doll. Joshua also owns the Haunted Ashville Tour and now hosts events in his second home, Las Vegas.

Astrologist/Psychic/Spiritual Healer, Vincent Genna,, gave one woman a personal reading, spoke about his life which includes acting and his advice to those who want to learn to tap into their own psychic abilities. Vincent explained how we receive information through our stomach or solar plexus, which goes to our heart and then to our heads. His insight was to listen to your gut reaction, and try to not to overthink things. Paying attention to your own feelings and making decisions more heart based, is the best way to yourself open up to love and joy.

All in all, the entire weekend was extremely enlightening and I can’t wait to see them again next year! To purchase books by George, Micah, Joshua, William and Vincent, just got to

A special thanks to all the great speakers, especially George Noory, who dedicated the show to the late Art Bell. And to Tom Danheiser and Lori Wagner for inviting myself and my sister Lori to dinner and drinks the night before at the Twisted Laurel.

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