The Story Of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock is the story of AC/DC written by rock journalist Susan Masino, who met the band during their first American tour in 1977. Over the years, she remained in contact with them, watching AC/DC climb to international stardom. Since 1977, Susan has interviewed the band many times and their friendship has lasted nearly three decades. Now she tells the true story of AC/DC’s illustrious career and how they became one of the true great rock ‘n’ roll bands in history. The book traces the band’s history, from their beginnings in Sydney, Australia in the early 1970s to trail-blazing the U.S. mainstream to the devastating death of lead singer Bon Scott in 1980. The band pulled together and rebounded to the top of the charts with new front man, Brian Johnson and the watershed album,Back in Black. Through it all, AC/DC continues their quest to build a legion of new fans in the 21st century.

“This book is the real thing, the real story of AC/DC… from the time they played their first show in Madison, Wisconsin at The Stone Hearth (and rented my bands PA system) to the guys becoming one of the biggest rock bands in the world! Susan remained friends with the band throughout the years. As Malcolm Young said one night backstage before he left;..’ Ask Sue, she knows everything.’ Every AC/DC fan should read this one!!!!!” -Review on Amazon

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2 Replies to “The Story Of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock”

  1. Susan okay with you ?
    I am a fan of ACDC since 1985 , when they played in rock in rio in Brazil which unfortunately could not go .
    I’m reading your great book The Story Of AC / DC : Let There Be Rock , to get to Chapter 17 , I realized with an error because the show was in Curitiba Pedreira Paulo Leminski and not in a stadium . I was privileged to attend this show within 50 meters of the stage.

    ps . The purpose of this is just work with your great book !

    1. Hello Carlos,
      Thanks for pointing that out. You should know, because you were there! I wish I could get it changed, but the book has been out so long they won’t do corrections anymore. But thank you for the correct information! Cheers, Susan

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